Sunday, March 23, 2008

so i made a claim

in the ongoing wish swap - and dyed some yarn for the recipient. and i really hoped that she would like the colors (dark to pale purple)

and according to the USPS site, it was delivered yesterday.

and she's gone till tuesday, which means she's received, but she hasn't.

anyway, here's the yarn... i hope she likes it.

on my own crafting front, i'm working on the felted flower bag, this time for me - i loved the one I sent to superhooker in a swap last year, and always wanted one for me. the body, handles, vines, and leaves are finished, and i'm on flower number 5 out of 6. i should be able to felt all the pieces this week, and hopefully put it together by next week.

i think i'm getting burned out on the swaps.... i received a disappointing package in a swap that was really supposed to be a high quality one, and for now, it just seems more rewarding to make things for myself - at least i know that i worked really hard on it, ya know?

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Samsara said...

The yarn looks pretty and I can't wait to see the bag. The one you made for Superhooker was stunning as I remember (I may even have wisted it *lol*) Sorry to hear you got a sucky package :-(