Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i think i'm finally getting my fill of lace for a while

i did the merino painted wool shawl. then i've got the SOTS-ii, which has the last clue coming out in 3 days - that's clue 9, which means i've been working on that one for 2 months.

and for in between the clues, i started the tuscay shawl, in a hand painted laceweight from Javede.

i finally got a little tired of lace. or maybe the tuscany is just getting tedious (which i suspect is closer to the truth) - so i needed something that was fun and not lace.

so i finally cast on for the felted flower bag i made heather last year in the IYP - this time, this one's for me. very cool. i ordered the brown sheep (or whatever it is) bulky wool for the body of the bag... feels VERY luxurious, it's a wool/mohair blend. very soft - a little fluffy puffy. ok, it'll end up just being felted when i wash and dry it... but it'll be great. maybe i'll have it done by my b'day, that would be pretty cool.

these are links to the one i made last year - mine will be substantially the same, though i'll post pix when it's done:

one side of the bag
the other side of the bag

this new one, it's a different blue wool, i suspect it's going to be nicer - and the greens may be different, i have so many colors in my stash!

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