Saturday, March 1, 2008

Secret of the Stole - II

Ok! I finished clue 7 - only 2 more clues to go. I'm using Knitpicks Shadow, had 3 skeins, and started skein #3 at the exact middle of clue 7 - so i think i'm good for yardage as well.

The titles for each clue are all Jimmy Buffet songs, I got that much worked out. The sub-clue, the parts that go into the crossword puzzle, I'm pretty sure i have them all right - there's quite a bit of discussion about clue 6, trying to make fruitcakes and "looks pretty, smells sweet" play nicely together, and i'm not so sure they're supposed to. I need clue 9 to intersect clue 6 to be sure what the answer is, though I think i have it. LOL, i think i know the answer to next week's clue already too, based on the number of letters, the 1 letter that is already filled in, and the suppositions I've made so far.

ok then - possible answers for clue 6.

7 letters, second letter is an A, "6. FRUITCAKE: smells so sweet & looks so lovely"
Bananas (banana bread, smells and looks good)
Raisins (generally found in fruitcake)
Cabbage (crossword dictionary came up with this one)
Daisies (ditto)
Walnuts (fruitcake is someone who's nuts?)
Caramel (different crossword dictionary)
darling (ditto)

those are my options, depending on what happens in clue 9

ok, enough babbling... clue 7 is done, i can go back to my cardigan, my shoulder is sore and stiff but i keep doing all the exercises in the hopes that it will start to feel like it belongs to the rest of me!


Nautical Knitter said...

Interesting thought process at work on this one... I'm not telling, but it is really fun for me watching everyone guess.

Your stole looks lovely! Only two more hints to go. =0(

Dulcinea said...

it's the painkillers, DK, that's what it is!

SYLVIE said...

Your stole looks really nice! Lovely color.

shansays said...

Both the cardi and your stole are lovely. All that knitting and a surgery.