Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm a glutton for punishment.

there's going to be a new sock wars. everyone gets a target, and a pattern. you knit the socks and send them to your target. they get assasinated, and have to send you the info on their target, and their unfinished socks.

unless you get assassinated by whoever has you in their sights.... in which case you get a pair of socks, you're dead, and you send your unfinished socks and target info to the person who killed you off.

it's bizarre. my daughter did it last year. she got assassinated. i don't know who got the socks she had been working on. on the other hand, i got the socks she received. they were purple. i like them.

this is gonna be funny!

wanna take part? membership is a measly $2, they take paypal, here's the site
Sock Wars III

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dragonflyducky said...

oooh another sock wars! There's a similar thing on ravelry called killer rabbit...making rabbit amigurumi.